LG V20 Gives Pixel XL Buyers Reason To Laugh

The LG V20 is great but will people actually choose it over the new Google Pixel XL now that LG has revealed that they are not going to compete with the Pixel in terms of price?

LG has just revealed the new price tag for their new flagship device. If you plan to get one later this month, you will need to cough out $769 to own the unlocked version of the LG V20.

Bear in mind that the new Google Pixel XL is only cost you about $750 and in return, you will be getting all the new features that Google is offering exclusively on their Pixel device.

The new LG V20 will come with a 5.7inch Quad HD display screen with a second display for notification. It will be running on the Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM and will be fitted with a dual rear camera, an 8MP as well as a 16MP.


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