LG V10 Unresolved Issues Will Drag Down The LG V20

The LG V10 was very well received and based on what we have seen and heard, the people seems to like what LG has to offer on its successor as well but there is one thing that has been holding a lot of people back.

No, we are not talking about the long waiting time although that is also a reason why people have gave up on it. What some of the fans are worried about right now is that the LG V20 will come with the same boot looping issues that some of the other LG smartphones seems to have.

LG V10 users started reporting about the issue just months after the device was released and the same issue was also reported by the LG G4, LG G5 as well as Nexus 5X users.

LG have never given a real explanation why their devices all seems to be affected by the same issue and has not reassured their fans that they have already found a solution for it. Because of that, some consumers are thinking twice about getting the LG V20 even though they were impressed with what the device has to offer.

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