LG Urbane 2 Smartwatch: What A Pity

Things were looking good for LG when they unveiled the new LG Urbane 2 Smartwatch. The LG Urbane 2 smartwatch was to come in as the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE connection. With all its new features and upgrade, a lot of people were excited to get the new LG smartwatch.

Unfortunately, LG could not make it work for them. The LG Urbane 2 was taken out of the market not long after it was released. At that time, LG announces that the smartwatch will be suspended due to a hardware issue.

Those that had pre-order the smartwatch were given a full refund. LG added that they have yet to decide if the device was going to be rereleased or not but it has now been confirmed that the LG Urbane 2 smartwatch will not be coming back ever.

It was believed that the new advanced component that LG had talked about might be the reason behind why the device was pulled out from the market. What a pity.


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