LG Responds To G Watch Corrosive Issue!

Just recently, there were many complains on the latest LG G Watch. Consumers are not pleased with the fact that the charging pins underneath the device have led many users to suffer from a burned wrist.

Earlier today, LG held a press conference to address the issue. The company from South Korea revealed that they acknowledged the issue and identified the cause of it. LG revealed that the injuries happened due to the discoloration and residue buildup on the terminal pins located at the back of the G Watch.

LG concluded by saying that the issue can be fix with a small time update that will be rolled out shortly. The update will alter the way the charging points work and it will prevent any future injuries on the users.

One tech engineer elaborated that the burns were triggered by a salty compound found on the wrist of human beings that activated the pins’ charges. As such it Is best to avoid from having sweaty hands when using the G Watch.

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