LG G6: Lesson Not Learn

The LG G5 with its modular design sounded great on paper but it just did not work out for them when the device was released earlier this year. You would think that with such a huge flop, LG would actually drop the whole modular design and focus on a more practical design but that is not what LG will be doing.

According to Ken Hong, LG’s Spokesperson, they have every intention to keep the modular design around which means we could be seeing it when they release the LG G6 as well. Let’s hope that recognize what went wrong with the LG G5 and fixed them when they release the LG G6.

He also explained why the modular wasn’t offered on the LG V20 model. He said that they had never planned to offer the modular design on the LG V20 model. We all assumed that they scrap the idea after looking at how badly receive the LG G5 was but he said that the LG V20 design was decided before the LG G5 was released.


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