LG G5 Much Love Feature Plays Hide & Seek

Some fans were not too happy when it was reported that the LG G5 will not be coming with the app drawer feature with many of them assuming that LG wants to go down the iOS path by removing the app drawer but it looks like there was nothing to worry about after all.

That is because the LG G5 does come with an app drawer, you just need to know where to find it. If you look under Setting > Home Screen, you will notice that the LG G5 comes with two different options.

There is the EasyHome and Home. Home is the standard version with basic layouts and app settings while the EasyHome is what you are searching for. Choose that and you will get back the familiar Homescreen.

Of course, it is not the exact same App Drawer but at least, it is something. The fans were not too happy about the removal of the App Drawer even though LG said that it was to make it easier for them to find the apps.


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