LG G5 GPS Fixed With Simply DIY Tweak?

LG G5 users have been reporting that their LG G5 seems to have some issue with its GPS. The bug was never fixed and most of them are learning to live with the wonky GPS but some people on XDA forums are saying that there is an easy fix to the problem.

One user posted what he say was the solution to all the GPS issue. According to Duellore, users will need to separate the glass screen of the LG G5 from the metal casing. Once that is done, find the black circle fabric on the right side and under it is 3 button nubs. All you need to do is push it up a little so that the nubs are hitting the ribbon connection giving them more power.

We are not sure if this method works or not. Some LG G5 users swear that their GPS has gotten better after the tweak while other said that it does not work at all. You can read about it here and decide if you would like to try it out or not.


Steven Estevez

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