LG G4: Update Won’t Let You Go Wireless

The LG G4 comes with a wireless charging feature so customers can choose to charge it wirelessly, but some users have already started reporting that the wireless charging on the LG G4 started to have issues after the 13B update.

Some users reported that the issue still persisted even after they reboot the smartphone. However, it looks like it might be the update since a lot of users have also stepped out to say that the wireless charging had a lot of issues right from the start.

Some said that the hardware was the issue here and that the sticker in the back stopped touching the wireless charging pad while other said that they had always had problems trying to get the device to charge wirelessly.

Of course, they were others that said that the wireless charging on the LG G4 works just fine and that the wireless charging feature is still going strong after the update.

It could just be the unlucky but do tell us if you have the same issue with your LG G4.


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