LG G4: Not Made To Handle The Strong Stuff

With the kind of hardware specs the LG G4 has, you would think that it will have no problems with handling apps like Pokemon Go but it looks like even that was too much for the previous LG flagship.

Soon after the release of the Pokemon Go apps, some LG G4 users has started reporting that their device tends to lag when playing Pokemon Go. Because of that, throwing the Pokeball has become a real problem because the device can’t seem to accurate sense you fingers. A lot of users also reported that throwing Pokeballs at Pokemon that are further away is also a huge problem.

Others are saying that the device tends to overheat pretty quickly. It could be because the app requires you to turn on your data and GPS at the same time but some poeple are getting warnings from the smartphone saying that the device is getting too hot.

Have any of you LG G4 users experienced the same problem before?


Steven Estevez

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