LG G4: Going Dead

The LG G4 is seen now as one of the top premium Android smartphones in the market, but that does not mean that users have not been having issues with them. While some smartphone issue seems to revolve around minor issues like battery life and connectivity issue, the one on the LG G4 is a lot worse.

Users reported the device going dead. Some reported that it was the motherboard issue. It is believed that LG G4s made before September 2015 were affected by the motherboard issue.

Other reported having issues with booting up the LG G4 with some saying that it get stuck at boot loop. oTher reported seeing the LG logo before the smartphones die on them.

There were also reports of the device overheating. Some users reported that they’ve sent the phone back to LG hoping to get it fix, but the phone still had the same issue after it was returned back to them.

Have you encountered any such issue with the LG G4?


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