LG G4: Camera Is 80% Better Than G3!

About a year ago, LG launched the G3 and the smartphone was viewed as a revolutionary device by the masses. This is because the G3 became the first every mainstream smartphone to feature QHD display. So how are things going to get better for the G4?

It is unsure whether 4K display technology is ready for the mobile world but if there is a way for the G4 to better the G3, it is with the cameras. The upcoming successor to the G3 is going to come with a large 16MP camera that has the ability to collect 80% more light than the component on the G3.

A tech insider shared that the new Innotek rear camera unit will have a wider lens with f/1.8 aperture. Furthermore, the lens have 6 layers for better light sensing and it will result in a brighter and more precise images taken.

The insider described the new lens as an outstanding achievement in the mobile tech world and its low-light ability will be able to rival that of a DSLR.


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