LG G3 Verizon Update Up For Grabs

LG G3 users that fancy enjoying the Android 5.0 Lollipop from Verizon can now do so after a software expert manage to grab hold of the OTA update pushed out by the carrier.

The XDA member that is better known as ‘Illegal Argument’ has shared the OTA file here and even provided the procedures on how to perform the update. Upon completion, G3 users should see their device running on firmware number VS98523A.

There are a couple of things highlighted by Illegal Argument like how the patches can be rather difficult to extract due to their rare formats. Also, the OTA file is unmodified as it is downloaded straight from Verizon’s servers.

So if you are a G3 user and are about to perform the update, we highly advise you to perform a backup of your smartphone first and be prepared to lose your warranty. After all, the XDA lad is still testing out the OTA and he promise to update the masses accordingly.

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