LG G3 Review Roundup: What’s The Final Verdict

The LG G3 has finally been released and it is truly an epic smartphone. Most tech analyst out there has given their 2 cents on the G3 none of them hated the device. Here is the final word on the LG G3.

Everything about this huge smartphone is perfect. CNET in particular loved the G3’s call quality, LTE data speed, superb camera, QHD display, a fast processor, removable battery and microSD card slot. These features were absent on the G2, thus making the G3 a definite upgrade.

As for the cons of the G3, CNET revealed that it is with the device’s battery. The QHD display is so immense that it is a battery sucker. This is something that the Korean company needs to look into.

Phandroid, on the other hand, praise the G3’s graceful design. However, the reviewer is disappointed as LG has yet again, failed to allow customizable shortcuts for the rear button.

Both reviews on the G3 speak for the entire world and confirm that the smartphone is indeed revolutionary. The QHD display and the laser autofocus for its 13MP rear camera is something very new to the world and the G3 delivered it.


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