LG G3 Review Roundup: What’s The Concluding Verdict

The LG G3 has been one of the most talked about handsets but now that the tech reviewers have had their hands on it for a while, what do they have to say about the handset? Is it all that it was cracked up to be?

AnandTech said that the handset was close to being perfect. Improvements for the 1080p display, a smaller size and stacked battery design would have led to it being recommended as the best device running the Snapdragon 801. However as it is, the handset is equal to others on the market. HTC offer one of the best audio experiences; while LG offer the best camera experience and Samsung have the best display. For now there is hope that one phone will arrive that will rule them all.

Android Central said that the LG G3 was a great phone and its strengths lie with the large display, high resolution display and some niche features, these include removable battery and wireless charging. Overall on the outside it doesn’t allure as do some of the other devices and it doesn’t come out top for design such as the HTC One M8 does, however LG have packed in some great hardware and the phone is a beast.

Droid Life said that the LG G3 is the best device that you can buy at the moment. However the camera isn’t as good as some of the competitors but the battery life is good, even though it has a large Quad display. The display is something that you can brag about to friends, but the Samsung display does top it. There are many great software add-ons which can help with multi-tasking and there is a great amount of storage externally that you can add on. The LG G3 should be at the top of your list if you are considering a new device.

Slash Gear said that the LG G3 is a fine phone and it brings the best with some hardware that is robust. The handset is solid and worth buying.

Engadget pointed out that the smooth lines of the handset make it feel smaller than it is, while the display is good and the camera is a workhorse and offers great images even in low light. Providing the price is right they said that it could be one of the best on the market.

The Verge said that there is a lot to like about the device and the quad HD display is one of them. The LG G3 is quite big but the design of it is great and imitates the brushed metal look of aluminium.

CNET said that the LG G3 offers great call quality along with LTE data speeds, the camera is great and the display is sharp. The processor is fast and they liked the SD card support and removable battery. On the downside the resolution hogs the battery, so you are lucky to get a day from it.

Android Police said that the LG G3 is fast and the battery life is good. The camera takes great photos and the display size is good along with the 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. They said it was their favourite device of this year.

Phandroid liked the design along with the quad HD display and hardware that was top of the range, the 13MP camera is great and has autofocus. On the downside is no customisable shortcuts and lack of Google Now integration with LG card widget.

TmoNews said that the LG G3 is great, good looking, great battery life, amazing display and a good camera.

LaptopMag said that the pros were the great design, the QHD display that is razor sharp and the 13MP camera. On the downside was the dim display and battery life.

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