LG G3 Or Samsung Galaxy S5: Best Of 2014 Is…

Last year saw the arrival of both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3. Both devices are really powerful in their own respective ways and today, they are also cheap to own. However, which is better?

When it comes to display, there is no way for the S5 to beat the G3. This is because the latter is known as the first ever mainstream device to feature QHD resolution. In figures, the G3’s 5.5” screen is able to develop a whopping 534ppi. The S5, on the other hand has a 5.1” display that has only 432ppi to offer.

In terms of performance, both devices are on par with each other since they run on the same Snapdragon 801 processor. However, the G3 is slightly faster since it features 3GB of RAM whereas the S5 has only 2GB of RAM to offer.

Even on front-cameras, the G3 and the S5 are so akin to each other since they both feature the same 2.1MP snapper. As for the rear camera, the S5 is slightly better with its 16MP rear shooter than the G3’s 13MP component.

Judging from the specs above, it is pretty clear that the LG G3 is the winner. Then again, this is not to say that the S5 is a bad device at all as it is almost as powerful as the G3. There is no mistake in purchasing either phone.

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