LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop Review: Don’t Upgrade Just Yet

The LG G3 has finally been updated to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop and with it comes many new features and functions. For starters, the G3 is now much more colourful than before. Certainly, the Lollipop OS is a great refresh from the Android 4.4 KitKat.

After toying around with the update LG G3, we realized that the soft button remains unchanged and most of the things on the Lollipop are made to appear minimalistic. Also, the G3 does not have quick toggles on its notification panel.

Unfortunately, the Lollipop installed on our G3 is still in its early build so we encountered many errors along the way. Among them includes frequent restart, overheating and extreme battery usage. It gets worse when we discovered that the G3 charges at a rate of 15% per hour, which is really slow.

There is also that one time when we played a 2-hour long movie on the G3 only to discover it overheating, thus leading to a crash. It seems that the G3 is so poorly tuned for the Lollipop OS that it can’t even handle the basic of all tasks and that is internet browsing.

For an official update, LG has certainly messed up big time with the G3. This is really disappointing as the Lollipop performs horribly. Those that have yet to update their G3, we highly advise against doing so just yet and wait for it to turn stable first.