LG G2: Time To Retire It?

Despite the poor response the LG G5 got this year, LG made it clear that they are not going to give up on the LG G Series and its modular design just yet. LG should be announcing their new LG G6 early next year and when that happens, the LG G2 will be close to 4 years old which.

While the device is a few years old now, some poeple are still holding on to it but is it really worth keeping? The device will no longer be getting any more upgrades from LG now and while users can always install a custom ROM on their own to keep it updated, a lot of the newer features will not be usable on the old smartphone.

Some might argue that the device is still better than some of the mid-range and low range smartphone in the market right now but is that a good enough reason to keep it around?

How many of you are ready to retire your LG G2 now?


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