LG G Watch: Tech Gadgets Injures Many!

LG has already made its entry in the wearable market through launching the G Watch last year. Now, the smartwatch is being thrown back at the tech manufacturer after growing reports of users getting hurt by the device.

In detail, the G Watch’s POGO pins which are fixed at the back of the device are causing burns on the skin of the user. The POGO pins are exposed and it creates a corrosion build-up that can hurt the skin.

Users that were hurt revealed that they often felt stinging pains at random times. When they pulled out the G Watch, they will find their skin darkened, caused by the burn.

Thankfully though, LG was quick to respond on the matter and they claim the issue can be fixed through a software update. The update will basically prevent the G Watch from allowing any electrical activity going through the POGO pins when not on the charging station.

The update was released earlier today and it will bring the firmware up to version KMV78Y from KMV78V.

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