LG G Flex 3: What The Fans Want

The LG G Flex smartphone was a huge hit when it was first released but things took a turn for the worst when LG decided to reduce the size of the display when the release the LG G Flex 2.

While some people think that the smaller screen made it easier to use, others said that it ruined the LG G Flex series for them but in general, people still liked what the G Flex 2 had to offer.

That was why we were expected LG to offer a new LG G Flex 3 this year with a bigger display but it looks like LG has decided to skip 2016. While we do not know what LG has planned for the curved screen device, most people believe that LG might announce it at CES 2017.

With the Note 7 now out of the picture, offering the LG G Flex 3 with a huge 6inch display could benefit LG.


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