LG G Flex 3: The Forgettable One, Outshined By V20

It seems like all we hear about now is the LG V20 that LG will be announcing this month but what about the LG G Flex 3? We know that they are going to announce it at the IFA this week but does anybody care?

It sure does not feel like anybody cares about the LG G Flex 3 at all and we can see why. The previous model did not do that well compared to the other LG smartphones and not many people are actually looking for to the next Flex smartphone.

The fact that the LG V20 is going to come in as the first Android smartphone to come running on the new Android 7.0 Nougat would also mean that it will be getting more attention from the android community.

There is not a lot of details about the Flex 3 yet but it is believed that it will be coming with a 5.5inch curved screen display and will back with a self-healing back. It will also be running on a Snapdragon 820 CPU with 4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB of internal storage. There were also talks about it coming with a modular design like the LG G5.