LG G Flex 3: Keep That Upgrade

A lot of people have been waiting for LG to release the LG G Flex 3 so that they can use their upgrade on it. Not that it is clear that LG won’t be offering any Flex device this year, are you going to use your upgrade on some other new devices like the upcoming LG V20?

While some people said that they don’t mind upgrading to the LG V20 since the device have been getting some pretty positive reviews, others said that they would probably wait a little longer and see what LG has planned before making a decision.

Some people still believe that LG will offer the LG G Flex 3 device, just not this year. There are already speculations about the Flex device making an appearance at CES next year but we will have to wait and see if that is really the case.

What device do you think would make a great replacement now that the Flex 3 is not here?

Steven Estevez

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