LG G Flex 3: Is There Still Hope?

Most people have already accepted the fact that LG might not be offering a successor to the LG G Flex 2 this year. Based on how poor the Flex 2 did last year, you would think that nobody will be missing the Flex 3 this year but that is not the case.

The fans were actually hoping that LG would learn from their mistake and come out with a device that we all would love. In fact, a lot of people were actually looking forward to updating to the new Flex 3 but that is not going to happen.

While there were rumors suggesting that the LG G Flex 3 would be announced with the LG V20, a lot of people also predicted that it won’t happen based on how little information there was out there.

We now know that no Flex device was announced at IFA. However, the fans are still hoping that LG would release or announce it before 2016 ends. Do you think there is hope? We think not.

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