LG G Flex 3: End Of The Year Prediction Way Off

After the disappointing LG G Flex 2, everybody was hoping that LG will make up for it with a new LG G Flex 3 but instead of making up to the fans, it looks like LG has decided to just kill it off.

LG has not officially announced that the LG G Flex 3 is dead but with so little news about the device, most people believe that LG might have killed it off to focus on the new V20. Initial rumor suggests that the LG G Flex 3 was going to be announced at the end of this year before the LG G6 but we are now weeks away from 2017 and still no announcement has been made.

There were speculations that LG might be waiting to announce it at CES next year but some people are just not buying that. While there were a lot of hate for the Flex 2, people still loved what the LG G Flex series has to offer and a lot of LG fans will be very disappointed if LG does end up killing off the LG G Flex series.

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