Lenovo Moto M: One Too Many

New reports have revealed that Lenovo is working on a new smartphone called the Lenovo Moto M model and that the device will be coming with some additional Microsoft apps. As nice as that sound, do we really need another device from Lenovo/Motorola?

We currently have the Moto Z, Z Force, Z Play, X, X Force, X Play, X Style, G4, G4 Plus, E3, E3 Power and more. While it is nice to have so much variety, it can also be frustrating when Lenovo/Motorola stops working on software updates for the least popular mode because they are busy working on another smartphone leaving the users stranded.

The fact is that we need some high-end model, a few mid-range and low-end models but we don’t need 10 options. 6 would be more than enough because then, the manufacturer can really focus on offering the best.

The new Lenovo Moto M will come with apps like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and Skype.

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