Left 4 Dead: Incomplete Campaign Release

Left 4 Dead 2 was great but the first Left 4 Dead game has a special place in all our hearts and now, game developer Turtle Rock Studio has released a new unreleased campaign for the Left 4 Dead game.

This was made back then when Turtle Rock Studios was still called Valve South. The new Campaign called Dam It was the last Left 4 Dead campaign that Turtle Rock Studio has created. Sadly, they never completed it and it was never released.

According to the announcement, the Dam It campaign is a mix between Dead Air and Blood Harvest. Of course, since this is an incomplete campaign, there is going to be a lot of bugs and glitches but for the fans, that should not matter.

The campaign in available now but you will need to have to own a copy of Left 4 Dead to play it. Click on the link to download the new Dam It campaign.

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