Latest Watch Dogs Patch & DLC: What’s It Have

Watch Dogs offers many perks, weapons, clothing and vehicles that are hidden in the game and some people have had issues finding them. If you want a helping hand about where to find them check these tips out below.

If you want the Vespid LE you have to do the Burner Phones mission.

For the tommy gin you have to complete the QR codes investidation.

You can get the biometric rifle once you have finished the Signature short mission pack DLC.

You will get the Cyberpunk gun for completing the Cyberpunk DLC.

When you complete the Signature shot DLC you will get the Black Viceroys outfit.

When you complete the Sony Playstation three quarter mission you get the White Hot Hacker outfit.

The Blume Agent DLC and Club Justice DLC will give you the Chicago South Club Outfit.

The DedSec Shadow and Untouchable will both provide you with outfits.

The Palace Pack DLC gives you an ATM hack boost and investigation bonus.

The Breakthrough DLC gives you the Vehicle Expert perk.

You can get a hacking boost with the DedSec Shadow.

The Blume DLC gives you the Weapon Boost. Protection Status