Latest Android Tablet Deals Comes With Defects

The arrival of 2015 yesterday means that the holiday promotions and deals are fast approaching an end. Even so, consumers shouldn’t rush to make any last minute purchase on tablets as the large slates on sale come with security flaws.

This was discovered by security research firm, Bluebox Labs, which did a study on many tablets which are offered by various retailers. In their testimonial, the company revealed that most of the devices come with vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations.

Bluebox added that the risk with the tablets include security backdoors. This means that users are exposed to getting their passwords and personal details stolen if using the tablets on sale.

Of course, not all tablets exhibits poor security. Bluebox shared that two devices passed their security test and they are the Google Nexus 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. Then again, the former cost $400 which is not considered a bargain entirely. The Tab 3 Lite might be affordable at $49.99 but it is only limited to Wi-Fi usage.

With that being said, consumers should be more aware of the risk in using tablets on promo. It is unsure on what could have caused the many security lapses in these devices but they are best avoided regardless of how tempting prices can get.

On the other hand, tablet users can download the free Bluebox Lab application on the Play Store and it will check if your device has any security flaws.

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