Latest 5 iPhone Apps Every Owner Should Have

Apple started off 2015 by updating their App Store with tons of new apps. We have been checking out on them and hence, developed a list that contains 5 of the best iPhone apps right now. The list is as follow:

1. Stacks 2 – New Age Currency Converter
Retailing at $1.99, this little tool updates users with the latest currency exchange rates worldwide. The app also listed the market exchange rates as well. Such a tool is particularly useful for users living near the borders of neighbouring countries or travellers.

2. Timberman
This is a free game that is addictive and fun to play. Apple iPhone user plays as a lumberjack in a retro-style gaming atmosphere.

3. memeTV
Meme has always been the most fun way to create an expression. Now, there is a simple way to develop an original meme and it is true memeTV. The app is also free of charge.

4. Facebook Groups
This simple app basically allows users a new platform to manage a Facebook Group better. Also, users get to enjoy the convenience of the simplicity which the app has to offer at zero the cost.

5. Sleep Better
This other free app transforms the iPhones into a sleep tracker, alarm and more. Simply place the iPhone by the bed and the app will do the rest. Furthermore Sleep Better works when in Airplane Mode too. With the app, users can manage their Sleep Better.


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