Land Rover Goes ‘Green’ For The Grand Tour

Everybody seems to want to world to know that they are going everything they can to be greener but it look like Land Rover might be taking things a little too far this time around.

Land Rover has just unveiled their seven seaters called Station Wagon. Unlike most of Land Rovers model, this one came with a wooden frame and it looks ridiculous. The wooden Land Rover will be featured in the first season of The Grand Tour. The wooden Land Rover was made by Tickford, a coachbuilder.

According to Land Rover, there will be 92 off road vehicles features at The Grand Tour although we would not consider this a vehicle right now. They also added that they will be blowing up 27 cars for our viewing pleasure.

The Grand Tour will premier on the 18th of November which is next week. Check out the new wood made vehicle and tell us what you think of it.

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