Land Rover Defender Won’t Play The Subtle Game

Here is it, the Land Rover Defender SVX. There is no way this vehicle will be able to go down the road without anybody noticing it. In case you are wondering, the vehicle here was created by Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house custom tuning shop.

On the first glance, it might look like the tuning shop was trying to create an extreme snowmobile out of the Land Rover Defender although we don’t think they had that intention in mind.

If you like what you see and are hoping to get your hands on one, this is not your lucky day because there is not many around. The very few made are either sitting comfortably in the collector’s garage or is waiting to make an appearance on shows across the nation.

The vehicle seen in the image here belong to Harry Metcalfe, a journalist, and a collector.

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