Kingdom Hearts: All Coming Together In 2017

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is one messy franchise. There is the first Kingdom Hearts game and the Kingdom Hearts 2 but in between those games and the upcoming Kingdom Heart 3, there were also a few shorter games that were released on different Sony consoles and handheld and because most fans don’t have all those consoles and handheld, they will be forced to missed out on some of them.

Well, Square Enix is looking to tidy things up next year. Not only will we be getting the new Kingdom Heart 3 game next year but we will also be getting the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 Remix on the PS4.

The Bundle will come with all six games and will be running at 60FPS. This will be a nice way to catch up on all the story before you dive in Kingdom Heart 3. The new bundle will be released next year on the 28th of March. Protection Status