Kingdom Hearts 3: Who’s Coming, Who’s Not?

With every new Kingdom Hearts title comes plenty of new worlds that are introduced in the game. It will be the same scenario for the upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts 3. Then again, nobody has a clue on which characters will be added in the highly anticipated title.

If fans of the series are to refer to the statements made by Square Enix, the game developer has already shared that they desire to add Elsa from the Disney hit film Frozen, Darth Vader from Star Wars and Iron Man from Marvel Heroes. Then again, the status of those characters appearing in the game remains to be updated by the game developer.

On the other hand, fans of the series can refer to the rumours which has cited names like Snow White with her seven dwarves, Hunch Back of Notre Dame alongside Peter Pan, Mulan, The Lion King and even Tarzan or Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of course, things are still blurry on who is coming and who’s not. However, knowing that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be massive, we won’t be surprised if every name listed here makes a cameo in the upcoming sequel.

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