Kingdom Hearts 3: What Worlds Can Be Expected?

Square Enix has already revealed that they really want to bring Elsa from the Disney hit film Frozen, Darth Vader from Star Wars and Iron Man from Marvel Heroes in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, what is stopping them is the proposal which Disney needs to approve before it can happen.

Well, that was a long time ago already and Square Enix is still pending to give us an update on the status of the aforementioned characters. Even so, the rumours are rife in indicating that the above characters are already confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Speaking of which, the rumours too shared a long list of names and worlds that are poised to be part of Kingdom Hearts 3. The list includes Snow White with her seven dwarves, Hunch Back of Notre Dame alongside Peter Pan, Mulan, The Lion King, Tarzan and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of course, rumours can be wrong so the above should be taken with a grain of salt. Then again, considering the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to debut on both the Xbox One and PS4, we feel that there is a chance for every name mentioned above to feature in the upcoming sequel.

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