Kingdom Hearts 3: Trailers Spilled The Beans

In case you are clueless on what is to come in Kingdom Hearts 3, you don’t have to panic as the game’s trailers is your ideal source of information. As a matter of fact, things are much simpler now thanks to another Kingdom Hearts fan that have compiled the trailers and analyse them for you.

The lad posted the video on YouTube and you can view them above. There is no need to take the information with a pinch of salt as the source is from Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers itself. Every feature of the upcoming title is pointed out through the analysis and it comes with official evidence.

Among the highlights of the video is the fact that Sora, Riku and the other main characters will all be coming with a brand new skin. This discovery is further backed up by Square Enix, which already shared on how the new looking protagonist will show that he has matured throughout the years.

Also, Sora is going to enjoy more weapon transformation with the Keyblade. This is evident when Sora pulled out a pair of pistols in one of the earlier teaser clips.

With that being said, you shouldn’t hold back and start checking out the video immediately. It has tons of reveals to offer and that should get you more pumped up for Kingdom Hearts 3’s launching party.

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