Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Spills The Beans On The Plot

Gamers certainly can’t wait for Square Enix to release Kingdom Hearts 3, even when the game developer couldn’t confirm on when the highly anticipated title will be ready.

For months now, the fans have been referring to rumours for more information on the game. Well, to hell with those rumours as there is actual official information on Kingdom Hearts 3 that has been unveiled in the game’s trailer.

One fan-made analysis went into detail after carefully dissecting the trailers and shared his discoveries in a shot clip above. The lad revealed many facts like the Unreal 4 game engine, new costumes for Sora and his companions, and many more.

On the downside of things, there has yet to be a Kingdom Hearst 3 trailer that teases on new characters coming into the game. Perhaps, Square Enix will address them in the near future to come.

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