Kingdom Hearts 3: Stan Lee Becomes Part Of The Buzz

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently being developed by Square Enix and with Disney already acquiring the rights to Marvel Heroes, there is a huge buzz going about the possibility of Iron Man and Thor to make an appearance in the game.

Even the game developer acknowledges this fact as they start plotting on the new characters that will be added in the game. Kingdom Hearts 3’ designer, Tai Yasue, simply share that nothing was off limits for the developers but unfortunately he can’t go into specifics.

With that being said, the speculations have gone rife into naming names that could be part of Kingdom Hearts 3. While all of them are possible additions, we were surprised to learn that Stan Lee could also be part of the game.

The creator of many heroes in Marvel Comics made many cameo appearances in the Marvel Films. If the habit is to follow, then he may well be part of Kingdom Hearts 3. The only question left is what role will fit him best? Well, we are leaving you to decide on that.

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