Kingdom Hearts 3: Revolutionary Graphics Akin To CGI Cutscene!

With Kingdom Herts 3 looking to make its debut on both the Xbox One and PS4, Square Enix has decided to utilize the Unreal 4 game engine for the game’s production.

The new game engine will ensure that Kingdom Hears 3 will have much better graphics. Today, fans can catch a glimpse at how the graphics of the game will look like after a leak screenshot of the game surfaced online.

The single image basically shows Kingdom Hears 3 looking superb with its richer colours, better brightness and also better textures. The easy way to describe the new graphics is that it looks like a CGI cutscene.

This left us wondering on how an actual CGI cutscene will look like in Kingdom Hearts 3? For all we know, it can’t appear realistic since there are animated characters in the game like Mickey and Goofy. Protection Status