Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date Somewhere This Year?

Many signs are pointing to this year for Kingdom Hearts 3 release even though logic says that the game will only be ready by next year. The latest sign came from Amazon when the online retailer started taking in pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 3.

It occurred yesterday when Amazon updated its inventory and added Kingdom Hearts 3 into the mix. The Kingdom Hearts 3 ad came out with the option for gamers to pre-order the game. However, the ad has no confirmed date on it aside from the placeholder date of 31 December this year.

It seems that Amazon purposely picked the last day of this year with the hopes for Kingdom Hearts 3 to debut before then. However, the ad is still considered as a placeholder and it is still pending for confirmation by Square Enix.

The amazing bit is that everyone but Square Enix is clueless on Kingdom Hearts 3’s release window but Amazon still dare to take in pre-orders for the game. Perhaps, there is a chance for Kingdom Hearts 3 to debut this year that we are not aware of.

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