Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Ousted At Amazon

There is a lot of confusion on when Kingdom Hearts 3 will get released. The highly anticipated title to the successful franchise from Square Enix is tipped to be in the final stages of production and many thought that the game will be ready for a release this year.

However, this doesn’t look like happening at all. If fans are to take into account on the leak at Amazon, then Kingdom Hearts 3 is sure to arrive in January next year.

The major online retailer has listed Kingdom Hearts 3 on its website and it shows the PS4 version of the game in its catalogue. Of course, the listing might be a placeholder that is pending for confirmation from Square Enix but temporarily, the stated released date is January 2016.

While the leak might be best taken with a pinch of salt, Amazon has got a point in the sense that the game won’t be coming this year. This is backed up by Tetsuya Nomura’s latest reveal on Kingdom Hearts 3 which confirms that Square Enix needs more time integrating the new Unreal 4 game engine with the game.

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