Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date, Keyblade Update & Stan Lee Speculations

Square Enix has already made it known that they are interested in adding characters from Marvel Heroes, Star Wars and Frozen. In the last update from the game developer, it is understood that they are getting approval to see Iron Man, Darth Vader and Elsa coming into Kingdom Hearts 3.

On a side note, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be a massive game as it looks to be the first title in the highly popular franchise, to debut on both the Xbox One and the PS4. Keeping that in mind, there are bound to be more characters coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 that are still unconfirmed.

Nevertheless, rumours are rife in naming names like Captain America, Snow White, Jack Sparrow, and many more. The most jaw-dropping name of them all is Stan Lee, which is linked to make a cameo in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Of course, the names are based on speculations and they are best taken with a pinch of salt. For all we know, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be making its debut around December this year.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives, gamers will get to experience the new Unreal 4 game engine. Also, Kingdom Hearts 3 will also offer players plenty of new Keyblade transformations to try on.

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