Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Exactly 10 Months Away From Today?

There is a lot of anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3 but unfortunately, nobody has a clue on when the game will get released. Last we’ve heard from Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts 3 has suffered a delay in production.

In detail, the game developer revealed that they require more time to integrate the game with Unreal 4 engine. Also, Square Enix faced a double whammy with the passing of both voice actors for Master Xehanort.

Then there is the issue with Final Fantasy XV. Tetsuya Nomura once said that he wishes for the latter to get produced first before focusing on Kingdom Hearts 3.

After carefully reviewing the series of unfortunate events, it is obvious that there is no chance for Kingdom Hearts 3 to get released this year. Even the rumours agree with us and they claim Kingdom Hearts 3 to debut in February next year the earliest.

While it may be best to take rumours with a pinch of salt, the latest word on Kingdom Hearts 3 does make sense and it might just come true.

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