Kingdom Hearts 3: Pre-Order Suggest 2015 Release?

Nobody but Square Enix knows exactly when Kingdom Hearts 3 will be ready to make its debut but there are already many signs linking the game to a 2015 release.

The latest sign came from Amazon yesterday when the online retailer started taking pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 3. If one is to check out the Kingdom Hearts 3 ad at Amazon, they will also see the release date being quoted as 31 December 2015.

Of course, the ad is nothing more than a placeholder and is pending to get confirmed by Square Enix. Regardless, Amazon purposely quoted the last day for this year as they hope for Kingdom Hearts 3 to make its debut somewhere in 2015.

While it all sounds exciting, fans are heavily advised to not get overexcited since Kingdom Hearts 3 release is still Square Enix’s call to make. Following Nimoy’s passing, there is a chance for Kingdom Hearts 3 to get further delayed until next year. Protection Status