Kingdom Hearts 3 Plotted, Release Date Remains A Mystery

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently being developed by Square Enix and the game will be the first in the franchise to debut on the Xbox One and PS4. While nobody has a clue on when the game will arrive, fans can already learn on Kingdom Hearts 3 plot and offerings.

This is thanks to the game developer, which is very generous in giving away information through the game’s video teasers and trailers. Just by viewing the first video trailer that was unveiled back at the last E3, fans can learn that the Keyblade will have more forms. This was exhibited when Sora pulled out a pair of guns from his Keyblade.

Also, Kingdom Hearts 3 is confirmed to run on a new game engine known as Unreal 4. The plot will see Sora, Donald and Goofy going on an adventure to seek the Key to Return Hearts and meet the Seven Guardian of Light.

As for Riku and Mickey, both characters will be searching for other Keyblade wielders as they look to recruit as much men as possible to fight the final battle against Xehanort.

Of course, there will be many turn of events coming in Kingdom Hearts 3 and also, hours of gameplay to offer. This has already been confirmed by Square Enix and fans can’t wait to see the game getting released.

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