Kingdom Hearts 3 Not As Popular As Final Fantasy XV After All

The craze for Kingdom Hearts 3 is at its all-time high but even so, there is actually a stronger demand for Square Enix’s other title, Final Fantasy XV. The latter is currently being produced and a study shows that it tops the most wanted list of games coming out this year.

The study was conducted by Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, and it also revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 sits on the sixth position, behind Persona 5. For Kingdom Hearts 3 fans, the research might sound ridiculous and most of them believe that the Final Fantasy franchise is out of favour already.

Well, the research proves that the fans are wrong and there is indeed great demand for Final Fantasy XV. This upcoming title looks set to offer a totally different gaming experience and it is also going to be the first in the franchise to debut on the Xbox One and PS4.