Kingdom Hearts 3: No Marvel Heroes, No Problem

Square Enix have made their desires to add Marvel Heroes in Kingdom Hearts 3 known to the masses. However, the game developer shared that the process is not as easy as it sounds since they require an approval from Disney.

Well, even if Square Enix got their request disapprove, we can expect the game developer to get creative and offer something as awesome instead. Perhaps, Square Enix can insert Marvel weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Imagine Mickey wearing an Iron Man suit, Goofy wielding Captain America’s shield and Donald slamming enemies with Thor’s hammer. It seriously sounds interesting and awesome.

In other words, if the Avengers miss out on making a debut in Kingdom Hearts 3, then Square Enix should seriously consider getting the Marvel weapons into the game instead. Disney will surely approve this as it doesn’t hurt the characters which they now own. What do you think? Protection Status