Kingdom Hearts 3: New Graphics Look Like CGI Cutscene

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development and the game is built on the all-new Unreal 4 game engine. With the new system on board, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to offer scrumptious graphics.

Today, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series can already catch a glimpse at how Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to appear like after a screenshot of the game got leaked online.

For those that have viewed the leaked screenshot, they will definitely agree with us when we say that Kingdom Hearts 3 new graphics looks like a CGI cutscene. On top of that, we were able to notice how the lightings were able to produce crispier renderings and texture looks brilliant.

The leak screenshot also left us wondering on how the cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made to appear like since the entire game already looks like one? What do you think?

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