Kingdom Hearts 3: More Signs Point To 2015 Debut

Realistically thinking, Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to make its debut next year. Square Enix has suffered a series of unfortunate events like the loss of both voice actors for Master Xehanort and this makes Kingdom Hearts 3 highly unlikely to debut this year.

Then again, a new sign has surfaced and it heavily links Kingdom Hearts 3 to get released on August 28 this year. The sign came in the form of a premonition by the popular gifted elderly lady, Baba Vanga.

In detail, Baba received a vision which sees a third major title to a highly popular getting franchise getting released on August 28. While Baba didn’t reveal the title of the video game, there is no doubt she was referring to Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the only huge third sequel in production right now.

While it may be best to take the prediction with a pinch of salt, Kingdom Hearts fans should note that Baba Vanga was spot on with many of her reveals in the past. Heck, she predicted both the 1998 stock market crash and 9/11 terror attack. As such, it is best not to take the above lightly.

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