Kingdom Hearts 3: Micky Is Iron Man, Sora Is A Jedi?

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed by Square Enix right now and the game is poised to come out with Star Wars and Marvel Heroes characters.

Then again, the game developer has yet to confirm on the entry of both worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 and this is despite of the strong interest for Star Wars and Marvel Heroes characters.

Even if Darth Vader and Captain America fail to make it into Kingdom Hearts 3, we are expecting Square Enix to get creative and at least bring their weapons into the upcoming title.

Perhaps, Goofy can wield Captain America’s shield while Sora can wield a light sabre. Also, Mickey might also receive an Iron Man suit which will come in handy in the fight against Xehanort.

We personally find the above a much more appealing idea. This is because we fear that Star Wars and Marvel Heroes characters might spoil the power balance in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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