Kingdom Hearts 3: Keyblade Weapons Conversion Goes Off The Charts

Square Enix has made it clear that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a magnitude better than its predecessors. Aside from the rich plot and epic battles that are coming in the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 is also going to introduce a host of new weapons which the Keyblade can transform into.

Just by viewing the game’s teaser trailer, fans of the franchise should be able to notice that one scene where Sora pulls out a pair of pistols to fend off the waves of enemy attacks.

Well, the pistols are actually Sora’s Keyblade. The transformation wasn’t available back in the previous titles, thus, confirming that more new Keyblade forms will be added in Kingdom Hearts 3. On the other hand, details on this are still unrevealed by Square Enix.

However, fans can expect a lightsabre transformation for the Keyblade. This will surely be possible if Darth Vader is confirmed to be a boss battle in Kingdom Hearts 3. Other weapon suggestions include Iron Man’s suit, Captain America’s shield and many more.

All in all, Kingdom Hearts 3 is certainly going to be massive with its offerings. The game will be making its debut on the Xbox One and PS4, and fans can’t wait for it to get released.

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