Kingdom Hearts 3: Fighting The War With Marvel Weapons

Square Enix has already made it clear that they strongly desire to add in both Marvel and Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, the game developer shared that it is not a simple process as an approval from Disney is needed.

If Disney does not approve this, many are wondering on what is Plan B for Kingdom Hearts 3? Well, Square Enix could get creative and bring in weapons and tools from both Marvel and Star Wars into the highly anticipated sequel.

Perhaps, there can be a side quest that requires the player to search for hidden items. The items are extraordinary since they are weapons of war like Iron Man’s suit and also Captain America’s shield.

When all the hidden items are found, they can then be equipped and wielded by the protagonist and the other main characters. Donald Duck might get Thor’s hammer, Mickey Mouse might wear Iron Man’s suit and Goofy can wield Captain America’s shield. What do you think?

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